Best Travel Shoes for Men 2024

Choosing the right shoes is an important part of packing for a trip. You need to consider the transportation, as well as the types of activities you’ll be doing once you reach your destination. Then, fit the right shoes for the occasion. You also need to factor in the bulkiness and weight of the shoes, which affects your luggage. Finally, you’ll probably spend a lot of time on your feet and walking while on a trip, so you’ll want something comfortable. We put together this list of travel shoes for men that fit the bill for shoes that pack well, move with you and are comfortable.

Factors in Picking Travel Shoes for Men

Finding shoes that fit your outfit or setting can be challenging enough. It adds another complication to find shoes that are versatile enough for travel as well. Here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing shoes to bring on a trip.


Lightweight shoes make a lot of sense for traveling. They won’t make your luggage too heavy if you pack them. Even if you plan to wear them on the plane or in the car instead of packing them, it’s helpful to have shoes that won’t weigh your body down, as you are likely to walk more than the norm on a trip. We chose lightweight versions of sneakers and other shoes to add to our list of travel shoes you'll find below. 


Speaking of extra walking, it’s best to have comfortable shoes that will minimize foot pain and help you move well. Even if you’ll be sitting for long periods of time during travel from one place to the next, it’s helpful to have shoes that provide a good fit without becoming uncomfortable or scrunching your toes. Other considerations include breathability, water resistance and warmth, depending on the conditions for your trip. We picked shoes with features designed for comfort in our list of travel shoes for men. 


Think about the types of activities you plan to do on your trip. Do you need work shoes or special event shoes? Are you going on a vacation for pleasure? Bring shoes that fit your needs, keeping in mind that you may need to bring more than one pair. Nonetheless, there are also versatile shoes that can transition from casual to dressy events. Also, bear in mind that unexpected activities are likely to pop up during a trip, so it’s good to have an all-around shoe that’s ready for anything.

Our list includes shoes that are good for a range of activities. While many of them are versatile and can transition well, they also fit specific purposes like running or special events.


While function is important in a travel shoe, you also want shoes that look stylish and make you feel like yourself. If you buy quality shoes, you can wear them well beyond this one trip. Therefore, it’s a good idea to pick shoes you actually like and can see yourself wearing over and over. Then, you can wear them when you’re back home and also bring them on trips for a long time to come. The shoes on our list come in a variety of styles.


It can be helpful to bring streamlined designs on a trip. Many normal shoes are heavy and bulky, especially sneakers and dress shoes. But you can find slimmer versions with minimal uppers and slim soles that are easier to pack. Some are even flexible and foldable, making them easier to add to a suitcase. Even if you plan to wear them rather than pack them, slimmer shoes add less bulk to your body to help you move better when you're on your feet for long periods of time. 

Which Travel Shoes for Men Should You Pick?

Here is our list of top men’s shoes that fit the needs of travel. We picked shoes based on the numerous factors we listed above, including function, a lightweight and streamlined design, comfort and style. 

HOKA Clifton 9 Road-Running Shoes

These are great all-around sneakers that can take you from one activity to another during your trip. They’re running shoes, so they can take you on outdoor trails or the hotel’s treadmill, and you can transition to walking tourist sites in them. They’ll also be comfortable for flights or long car trips. These shoes come in a range of colors to match to your style and needs.

These shoes have a slight heel-to-toe drop and the stack heights take you higher from the ground than barefoot shoes. Nonetheless, they’re designed to help you feel comfortable and provide maximum cushion. Also, these shoes are lightweight, perfect for moving with ease or storing in luggage without weighing it down.

Allbirds Tree Dasher 2 Sneakers

These sneakers provide cushion and comfort for exploring indoor and outdoor areas on a trip. The heel design is made to reduce the impact as you walk in them, and they have a thick sole and foam for cushioning. You can easily wash these shoes, which is a great feature for a trip.

These shoes have a casual sneaker style that’s versatile enough for many activities. You can also pick from three classic shades to fit your preferences. They’re made with environmentally friendly materials that are easy to feel good about.

Birchbury – Bramford

This selection gives the slim sole and larger toe-box typical of barefoot shoes, so you can have natural movement during walks and adventures during your trip. These shoes are also ideal for traveling because their style is dressy casual, so you could easily dress them up or down for different activities. The sneaker style makes them casual while the leather dresses them up. These shoes are completely flexible and have a slip-on design, so they’re easy to wear and move in, as well as to pack them in your luggage.

Vessi – Weekend

For walking in outdoor areas, these waterproof sneakers are a great fit. They’re designed to keep your feet dry and comfortable in various weather and terrain conditions. They’re breathable for comfort as well. They have a thick sole, but you can remove the insoles to get closer to the ground if you'd like to do so.

These shoes are lightweight, so they won’t bog down luggage and are easy to move in. The upper is made with a stretch knit that holds the feet for smooth movement. You can slip them on and go, so you’re spending more time doing trip activities than getting ready. These shoes are machine washable, which allows you to go on adventures without worrying about your shoes getting too dirty for the rest of your trip needs.

Vivobarefoot – Ababa II

Barefoot shoes are a great choice for travel because they’re slimmer to fit in luggage and tend to be more lightweight as well. This shoe has a barefoot design with an extra slim and zero-drop sole, and there is no insole, so you get as close to the ground as possible.

This selection has a slip-on style that makes it easy to get ready and go. The soles have good traction to take you through different types of terrain. Nontheless, the uppers are made with leather for a classy style and durability.

Cole Haan – 4.ZEROGRAND Wingtip Oxfords

If you need a dress shoe for your trip, this is a great option. You could wear it to a planned event or an impromptu occasion, as well as for dinners out and work activities. The wingtip leather uppers add classiness for dressing up.

Nonetheless, the thick soles with traction give these shoes some versatility, so you can do some walking in them. They also have a specially designed triple-density foam footbed for extra cushioning that's great on the go.

Madewell – Kickoff Trainer Sneakers

These shoes are ideal for walking all day on a trip because they have extra cushioning and a thick sole, and they are also very fitted and tied up with laces to move with you. The back tab is padded for added comfort.

These shoes have a casual style that's great for everyday wear, yet they are made with leather for some added style and classiness. The soles have good traction for different terrain, so you don't have to be concerned about the different places your trip will take you. An added bonus is that they use environmentally friendly materials.



OAKA is our choice for a travel dress shoe.  If you are doing any kind of business travel or you know you'll need a dress shoe on your trip then the flexible and soft pair of OAKAs will do the trick.

They are zero drop as well which allow your feet to walk comfortably flat to the ground as if you were barefoot.  They're able to do this while also looking like they have a heel due to the unique sole cut outs.  

Clarks – Bradley Vibe

This shoe gives a work or casual dressy vibe that you can wear for a variety of occasions on a trip. Since it’s versatile, you can minimize the number of shoes you’ll need to bring with you and stick to this one for most activities. These shoes also come in three classic colors of leather to fit different outfits and occasions. The leather makes them dressy, while the laces and thick soles keep them slightly casual and able to transition to different activities.

This shoe features good cushioning for comfort during long days, and the footbed is moisture-wicking to keep your feet drier and fresher. The soles are lightweight, making these shoes ideal for natural movement and packing for travel.

Final Thoughts

Shoes suited to travel don’t have to be boring or solely functional. You can find great shoes that fit your style while also having features suited to a trip. Whether you plan for a long car ride or to take a flight, the shoes on our list can fit the needs of a trip.

Michael Plater is an authority on barefoot shoes, having spent years reviewing and testing products as well as modifying and ripping out soles to find the healthiest options.